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    • Hallifax

      New Esseker trailer   08/14/2017

      New Esseker trailer has been released with more info on the background on the server and what it has become.   Find it here!!!  
    • Hallifax

      Esseker coming to EXO!   08/09/2017

      ======================================================================== This is an emergency broadcast for the citizens of Esseker.   A company called EXO has signed a government contract to export convicts to the lands of Esseker. Esseker is chosen to rally the exiled convicts from all other lands, cause we are deemed too small to matter. The rest of the world has abandoned us and left us to fend for ourselves. The Esseker Military Force has been mobilized to deal with this new threat, but there are many convicts who will be exiled to our land. We are advising citizens to keep doors and windows locked and barricaded. In order to prevent us from developing our own weapons, the research center has been sabotaged and is now a contaminated radioactive zone. Civilians are advised to stay away from the Plava Vrana military base.   Hereby we end our broadcast and wish all citizens of Esseker the best….and stay alive. ========================================================================   Does this mean that EXO is launching an Esseker server? Yes. We have been working on this project for a bit now. Will it bring unique content? We believe so yes. There will be unique missions, custom content and trader setup. Will it live up to EXO expectations? Most definitely. We hope that you guys will enjoy and spread the news. We are making a 25K starting amount on the new Esseker server and on the first day do a little find the base box event where the first 5 hours after launch there will be small wooden base boxes spawned in and players will be given hints as of where to find them. A trailer video about Esseker will follow and we already have a little teaser video that Akrobata has made for us. We have been spending a lot of time into creating this server. We have looked at the map and I can safely say that we have changed and improved the map quite a bit. For example the 10 story apartment buildings in Esseker?...they are now enterable and lootable….and of course campable. That is just one small thing of the things we have improved. Will it have the same features as our Cherno servers? Yes it will. While writing this announcement we are still working out the details and tweaks, but the server itself is largely done. Come join us at the opening of our server on Saturday 2nd of September at 2PM GMT+2 (Amsterdam time).   There will be a forum thread dedicated to Esseker where we can answer any questions you guys might have. Hope to see you guys there!   Link to the teaser video:    
    • Captain Cuddles

      Server Updated   08/07/2017

      All servers have been updated to the new 1.74 version of Arma. We are aware of the Lonewolf Item storage not working correctly and are working fixing the problem. Any other problems please make sure you report them on the forum so we are aware. 


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