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    • Crunch™

      CBA Update on Takistan and Chernarus!   10/17/2016

      Chernarus just got updated with the newest version of CBA. Takistan will receive the update at the midnight restart in one hour.
    • Crunch™

      Tanoa received a major Update!   10/14/2016

      We have created our own mod which is available on the Steam Workshop, you can find it here!
      You need to download this mod to be able to play on all our servers!   Base Painting:
      You can apply paint to every base-part. We have 272 unique textures but there is a logic. Every
      part has its own list of textures which can be applied. Wood, Concrete and Reinforced Wood.
      For now the painting is free but in the future you will need a spray-paint can per item. Have fun
      and let us know what you think about this on the forums. All textures are made to fit the game.   Attach a Code-lock to a non-Persistent vehicle:
      You can now attach a code-lock to non-Persistent vehicles such as mission vehicles, after that
      you can lock the vehicle and you can also store it in your Virtual Garage! We have lowered the price of a code-lock to 2500, they will sell for 500 now.   Vector Building:
      You can now build in angles, the snapping is a bit tricky but when you get the feeling for it
      you can build amazing base designs. You can toggle vector building by pressing a 7 while building.
      Just check the building menu for the options.
      Height Limit Control:
      The height limit was always 20 meters, some people found ways to build higher. Our new protection
      will not allow you to build over 20 meters!   Vehicle Towing: You can now attach ropes to vehicles and tow them, the towed vehicle will have full physics and can still be destroyed!    
    • Crunch™

      Compensation Requests! Please read carefully!   10/13/2016

      Now and then we get people in to TeamSpeak to ask for a compensation because of an unexpected server
      restart or bug. Make sure you read the rules about compensation! A compensation request can only be
      done by submitting a support ticket. So please stop demanding for compensation on TeamSpeak because
      it is our server, so it is our fault something glitched or bugged! This is Arma! In Arma weird things can
      happen, so when you want compensation we need a request in a support ticket with proof!
      Compensation requests without proof will be closed immediately! We do not do this because we are dicks,
      but if we would not do it this way people will abuse our generosity as some already did!

      Compensation Rules! We will only compensate players who submit a support ticket. Here you can submit a ticket. We can only compensate after we have received conclusive video proof. We do not compensate when you die to stairs, rocks or bushes. We do not compensate when you cannot access the inventory of a corpse. We do not compensate vehicles that were stored outside the Virtual Garage. We do not compensate safes, crates and Exile containers that lost their content due to moving. Empty them before moving it! We do not compensate when transporting an Exile container in an Aircraft. We do not compensate when transporting any crate or Exile container on a vehicle in an Aircraft.


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