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    • Captain Cuddles

      Admin event coming soon !!!   07/24/2017

      This weekend 28th-30th July, we shall be organizing an admin event. We haven't done an event in a very long while so we thought we could have some fun and kill some of you newbs in the process. Now please be aware there is no set date for this event, only that it will be this weekend. More details of what the event will be shall be released closer to the weekend. But rest assured it's going to be good  
    • Crunch™

      Free transfer to Chernarus US!   07/22/2017

      We have launched our US server and we need more players. We have gotten the question from some players if it was possible to transfer there character over to the Chernarus US server. So for now it is possible to create a support ticket and transfer your character over to the Chernarus US server. The transfer includes: Pop-Tabs (locker), Respect and Kills & Deaths. If you feel like switching to our US server please create a support ticket.
    • Crunch™

      ASDG Joint Rails Unofficial 0.22 Update!   07/21/2017

      ASDG Joint Rails Unofficial just got updated to version 0.22. Make sure to update otherwise you wont be able to join the server.You can download it through A3 Launcher or from our website with the following link: http:[email protected]_JR_Unofficial_0.22.zip  


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