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      Win €100,00 to spend on? December Holiday Raffle!   12/06/2016

      Start the New Year amazing by maybe winning this December Holiday Raffle! We have a new raffle which will close on the 1st of January 2017.   The prizes are:   1st Prize You get to order a product in your own country with a value of €100,00 (this includes shipping!). You choose the webshop and the product!   2nd Prize 6 Months VIP Subscription   3rd Prize
      1 Month VIP Subscription & Some Game keys for Steam Games (random)   The Winners will be drawn and announced on the 2nd of January 2017 Raffle Tickets are now available in our Donor Perks store!   VIP's and Donors have a discount per raffle ticket!
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      We are in need of donations!   12/05/2016

      [EXO] prides itself on being a community where the members are at the heart of everything we do. Without the amazing support and continued dedication of our team and our players we would not remain online. Donating is a great way to help maintain the community we all love. The [EXO] community is established as a non-profitable organization and we will continue to maintain that status for as long as we are around.

      We are extremely grateful to all those who choose to donate no matter how small or large the amount. It all helps!
      What are donations spent on?:   Dedicated Servers at OVH A Virtual Private Server at OVH Website Development and Maintenance Domain, Website Hosting   Terms & Conditions: A donation is a voluntary contribution and therefore cannot be refunded. Disputing a donation will result in a ban until the dispute has been resolved. Donating provides no exemption from our community rules. All rules are enforced equally. All donations go towards funding our server and other community features.
      Thanks for your support!

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      Special Server Features   12/04/2016

      Because some people may have missed the changelogs or annoucements! We now have a list of our server features which we have implemented and are not in Exile! So the Exile features are not displayed in the list! Checked out this list to see what we offer!    


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  • December Goal

    To keep the servers running we are in need of donations.

    Out total monthly costs are € 274,00

    65.00 EUR of 274.00 EUR goal reached.
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