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      Rule Amendment   04/19/2017

      We have recently made some changes to the rules, specifically the building rules. We have introduced a new rule where all bases must have ground level access. This means having a door or gate that isn't blocked or restricted to allow people access into the base level of your base. For those bases that currently are breaking this rule you will have a one week grace period to change your base. After 27/4/17 we will then start removing bases that are breaking the rules.
    • Crunch™

      New Missions on the way !!!   04/10/2017

      We have now updated our DMS missions !! After the 9pm restart the new DMS missons system will be going live. We have reworked a few of the missions with the view off adding more at a later date. All missions have had a slight loot tweak to reflect there value. This has been @Captain Cuddles pet project for the last few weeks which we both hope you will enjoy. As always should you find any issues or bugs report them here.  
    • Crunch™

      CUP Update Takistan!   04/10/2017

      CUP Weapons received an update to 1.90!
      CUP Units received an update to 1.90!
      CUP Vehicles received an update to 1.90!   You can download them manually here!


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