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      Limitations, Territory Adjustments & LoneWolf Services   10/08/2017

      We always had problems with the number of players in families and the number of territories per family so we have put some limitations in place. From now on there will be a maximum number of players in a family, this limit is set to 20. Also, we have changed the maximum amount of territories per family which will be based on family size. Working around this system will get all your family territories deleted!   Territories per Family Size
      1 to 4 members: Max. 1 territory
      5 to 9 members: Max. 2 territories
      10 to 14 members: Max. 3 territories
      15 to 19 members: Max. 4 territories
      20 members: Max. 5 territories

      Cause of these changes we also changed the territory level settings.   Level 1, 30 Building items, 15 meter Radius, Max. 6 safes, 7 Virtual Garage slots, Max. 6 members, 10.000 pop-tabs to purchase. Level 2, 60 Building items, 30 meter Radius, Max. 7 safes, 9 Virtual Garage slots, Max. 7 members, 20.000 pop-tabs to upgrade. Level 3, 90 Building items, 45 meter Radius, Max. 8 safes, 11 Virtual Garage slots, Max. 8 members, 30.000 pop-tabs to upgrade. Level 4, 120 Building items, 60 meter Radius, Max. 9 safes, 13 Virtual Garage slots, Max. 9 members, 40.000 pop-tabs to upgrade. Level 5, 150 Building items, 75 meter Radius, Max. 10 safes,15 Virtual Garage slots, Max. 10 members, 50.000 pop-tabs to upgrade. Level 6, 160 Building items, 75 meter Radius, Max. 10 safes, 17 Virtual Garage slots, Max. 11 members, 75.000 pop-tabs to upgrade. Level 7, 170 Building items, 75 meter Radius, Max. 10 safes, 19 Virtual Garage slots, Max. 12 members, 100.000 pop-tabs to upgrade. Level 8, 180 Building items, 75 meter Radius, Max. 10 safes, 21 Virtual Garage slots, Max. 13 members, 125.000 pop-tabs to upgrade. Level 9, 190 Building items, 75 meter Radius, Max. 10 safes, 23 Virtual Garage slots, Max. 14 members, 150.000 pop-tabs to upgrade. Level 10, 200 Building items, 75 meter Radius, Max. 15 safes, 25 Virtual Garage slots, Max. 15 members, 250.000 pop-tabs to upgrade.
      LoneWolf Services

      The LoneWolf services will change per today! Players have been abusing the system a bit so we had to made some changes.
      The following changes are made and are effective immediately.

      LoneWolf Item Storage from 10.000 mass to 5000 mass.
      LoneWolf Virtual Garage will now delete the vehicles content on storing.

      Stored vehicles are not affected, you can retrieve with the content but you cannot store them with the content anymore!
      Please be aware!
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      Arma 3 just released the new Update!   09/06/2017

      More news will follow, we will update our servers!
    • Crunch™

      Esseker just went live! Check it out!   09/01/2017

      This project has been ongoing for the last 2 months and the team have worked really hard to make this server unique with custom missions and the extras you have come to expect from EXO. We will be creating a rule-set for Esseker but for the time being use the Chernarus Rules and common sense. We're really excited for this, don't forget to give us feedback or let us know of any bugs you experience. We will be creating a forum for Esseker! The list with required mods can be found here!
      And I have to compliment Halifax and the EZ crew, this is the first time EXO met a deadline!

      Have fun, stay alive and start building


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