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    • Captain Cuddles

      Server Wipe   02/24/2017

      As there are a lot of rumours circulating i felt it was best to announce what was going to happen with the Chernarus server. In the first week of March the chernarus server will be completely wiped to make way for the new chernarus. we have thought about this long and hard and searched various avenues in order to prevent a server wipe but with the fact we are going to be running different mods to the ones we currently use, we felt it was best to start fresh and wipe the slate clean.   The main reason as to why we a changing mods is due to the fact we cannot currently monetize our server whilst running CUP mods with the CUP-License. So to ensure we can continue to grow and improve on what we have the decision was made to switch to other mods which will allow us to monetize.    Though this may come as a hard blow to you all we hope you understand our reasoning for this. We have worked very hard behind the scenes to improve our custom content, New missons, New traders and Weapons all but to name a few.  This is an exciting time for the community and we hope you enjoy all the hard work the guys have put into Chernarus.     
    • Captain Cuddles

      Yet Again !   02/23/2017

      So for the last few months we have been reliant on server donations, we have smashed the server donation targets since we set them. From all the staff at EXO we would like to personally thank you for keeping this community alive. Without out the support of the community we wouldn't be where we are now with out your support, So thank you  
    • Crunch™

      Player & Server Statistics Takistan!   02/03/2017

      For Takistan we also started collecting data for our Player & Server Stats, the system we are using is written by Choppra and we purchased it to provide you with some fun statistics! Things you can find in your personal Player Stats are Kills, Deaths, K/D, Favorite Weapons, Average Kill Distance, Number of Bambi Kills, Kills from your Territory and Raid Kills! You can also see the weapons you used to kill and you last 100 kills with information per kill!    You are probably excited now? So are we! Check out the Stats Page.


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