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    • Captain Cuddles

      More Updates !!!!!!!   05/20/2017

      New items added !!!! KSVK & m107 have both been added to the Black Market traders, they have also been added into the Sniper Transport mission. We have also added in animals which can now be slaughtered to your hearts content. Loot spawns have been tweaked to be a little more balanced.
    • Crunch™

      Server is now updated to Exile 1.0.3 “Lemon”   05/20/2017

      After a long night and only 4 hours sleep we finished the server (I look like a fat zombie now) and cleaned up some of our code. CaptainCuddles and me have been working on updating the server and on a lot of new other stuff which will be implemented somewhere next week. For now we are ready and the server has been updated to Exile 1.0.3 “Lemon”. This update is probably not bug-free (well you get the bugs for free) so we have started a post where you can let us know any problems or bugs you run into after the update. We have not yet implemented all the new items that Exile released but we will be doing this along the way. Please feel free to test things as upgrading build-parts, base painting and all the other custom stuff that we have put in place! Since there is a new loot spawning system you could run into changes, please let us know what you think! For BasePainting you now need a spray-can which can be purchased at the hardware trader!

      Please do not complain about changes Bohemia made with the 1.70 update!

      You can find the bug and config report topic here!

      Changes Exile made can be found here!

    • Crunch™

      Player Revive and "Take All" button!   05/19/2017

      As promised we will try to bring out updates every weekend. First update of this weekend is the implementation of a player revive script. We know players have been asking for it so we decided to implement it. You can now revive a player when you have a defibrillator in your inventory, you can only revive a player once per spawn and when a player is revived he will only have 45% health so he cannot run away instantly but he will have to heal up after the revive. After being knocked out another player has 2 minutes to perform the revive. And maybe some players already noticed but we re-enabled the “Take All” button again!


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