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    • Crunch™

      ASDG Joint Rails Unofficial 0.22 Update!   07/21/2017

      ASDG Joint Rails Unofficial just got updated to version 0.22. Make sure to update otherwise you wont be able to join the server.You can download it through A3 Launcher or from our website with the following link: http:[email protected]_JR_Unofficial_0.22.zip  
    • Captain Cuddles

      Video Showcase   07/14/2017

      I have something very nice to share with you all. Akrobata has took it upon himself to create a very well put together video showcasing EXO and all its custom scripts and content. Please give it a watch and show Akrobata some love.    
    • Crunch™

      Update! New Crate Loading system and more!   07/08/2017

      Just a small but nice update. The coming weeks we will be working on custom map-content. Just stay updated on our website.

      New Crate Loading
      We have implemented a new crate loading system because the old one was a bit clunky and not easy to configure. We now have a new script which allows you to load one or more crates depending on the vehicle. The script is easy to use! The script will give you the option “Open Crate Storage” on the vehicle. After you opened the storage the script looks for crates that are within 10 meters of the vehicle and you will be able to load the crate(s) into to the vehicles crate storage. Unloading a crate will unload it within 10 meters of the vehicle. You can also sell from the same menu when you are standing close enough to the Waste-dump trader, just select the crate and click “Sell”!

      Small change to hacking
      From now on you will need a new laptop for hacking, the laptop is called “Laptop” and you can find them in mission rewards and rare spawns. The required player limit is set back to 30 and the timer has gone up to 30 minutes.
      On the side we will start working on a new Hacking script for extra features.

      Aura Voice Assistant
      As some may have already noticed we have implemented voice notifications. This voice assistant is called Aura and we will be implementing more and more of this voice assistant in the coming weeks.


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