Chernarus Relaunch on Friday the 3rd of November


So as everyone noticed player numbers have dropped, I see loads of players on easy mode servers but telling me they actually want a harder server. So in this announcement I will be updating the changes that are implemented onto the Development server. On Friday we will relaunch and the server will be wiped. We want to bring a new balance and make the server a bit harder again but more fun and you will have to earn your gear!


Changes that are in:

  • Build Height Limit from 20 to 30.
  • Lone-wolf Storage from 5000 to 2000 mass.
  • Locker from 250.000 to 150.000 pop-tabs.
  • Locker withdraw limit from 10.000 to 25.000 in Safe-Zone.
  • Removed High Military grade Explosives from Safe-Zone Spec-Ops trader (will only be available at Black Market).
  • Vehicles are removed from Airdrop options.
  • Lowered the amount of Virtual Garage slots on territories.
  • High Military Grade weapons such as Navid, SPMG, Cyrus, KVSK and so on will be only available as mission reward.
  • Concrete parts are removed from mission rewards and are replaced by the materials to craft concrete parts.
  • Vehicle prices for military vehicles are increased.
  • Cleaned out the weapons, all weapons available can use proper scopes.
  • Moved some weapons from normal trader to Black Market.
  • Renewed DMS and changed mission rewards (concrete parts are taken out and are replaced with the materials to craft concrete parts).
  • Created Hunter, Ifrit and Strider HMG (VIP's can apply skins to vehicle and turret).
  • Created missions for Military Vehicles, Armed Military Vehicles and Rare Military Vehicles (the rare mission will have a Hunter HMG, Ifrit HMG, Strider HMG or Ghosthawk).
  • Defibrillators taken out of the traders and will be only available as mission reward or loot.
  • Fixed defibrillator bug where users were able to pickup the defibrillator before it was deleted.
  • Cyrus, GM6 Lynx, KSVK, M107, M134D “Epilator”, M320 LRR, MAR-10, SPMG and Navid available as rare loot in random loot crates, Heli Crash Crates, DMS and ZCP mission rewards (50% Chance).
  • Reworked ZCP Capture mission rewards.
  • Implemented 8 Town Capture Points.
  • Increased the prices for Building Materials.
  • Implemented the ability to grind and remove certain items such as a Hedgehog, Wired Fence, Metal Fence and so on. In return it will give you some items.
  • UAV Pelican 6 available at Spec Ops and Black Market Equipment trader. (can be used to send items to friends using the UAV's inventory)
  • Viewing distance set to 2200.
  • Reworked prices and respect requirements.
  • Added DS Houses for more enter-able houses. (Will be in our EXO Mod)

  • Created loot positions for DS Houses so loot spawns in the houses and not outside.

  • Added SM_Sheds more enter-able sheds. (Will be in our EXO Mod)
  • Created loot positions for SM_Sheds so loot spawns in the sheds and not outside.
  • Implemented industrial loot at docks.
  • Reworked random loot crates and heli crash crates.
  • Laws of War Vans are available at the trader.
  • Laws of War Uniforms, Helmets, Headgear, Vests, Backpacks and Face-wear are available at the trader.
  • Lowered Safe, Exile Container, Tent, Crate and vehicle inventory capacity. (still higher than default)
  • Implemented sound for Grinder.
  • Removed Skalisty Build protection and opened it for territories.
  • Removed Bridge between Skalisty and Utes.
  • Reworked the loot tables and implemented almost every item available into the tables.
  • Reworked base raiding. Breaching now only requires one charge per wall, however the time to plant each charge has been drastically increased.
  • Fixed Stary Trader building with locked doors.

Still working on more changes so keep an eye on this announcement!