Chernarus Relaunched, Wiped & Fresh Start


As announced we relaunched the Chernarus Server. The Database and Server statistics are wiped and everyone will be able to start fresh and on level playing field! Rules and settings have changed so please make sure you are up to date! Also the [EXO] Mod will need to be updated to join the server!  More changes will follow mission and custom content wise but these will be made over the coming weeks!


Read the Rules, Our server features & Required Mods





  • Implemented industrial loot at docks.
  • Implemented sound for Grinder.
  • Implemented 8 Town Capture Points.
  • Implemented the ability to grind and remove certain items such as a Hedgehog, Wired Fence, Metal Fence and so on. In return it will give you some items.
  • Created Hunter, Ifrit and Strider HMG (VIP's can apply skins to vehicle and turret).
  • Created missions for Military Vehicles, Armed Military Vehicles and Rare Military Vehicles (the rare mission will have a Hunter HMG, Ifrit HMG, Strider HMG or Ghosthawk).
  • UAV Pelican 6 available at Spec Ops and Black Market Equipment trader. (can be used to send items to friends using the UAV's inventory)
  • Added DS Houses for more enter-able houses. (Will be in our EXO Mod)
  • Created loot positions for DS Houses so loot spawns in the houses and not outside.
  • Added SM_Sheds more enter-able sheds. (Will be in our EXO Mod)
  • Created loot positions for SM_Sheds so loot spawns in the sheds and not outside.
  • Laws of War Vans are available at the trader.
  • Laws of War Uniforms, Helmets, Headgear, Vests, Backpacks and Face-wear are available at the trader.


  • Removed Skalisty Build protection and opened it for territories.
  • Removed Bridge between Skalisty and Utes.
  • Removed High Military grade Explosives from Safe-Zone Spec-Ops trader (will only be available at Black Market).
  • Vehicles are removed from Airdrop options.


  • Build Height Limit from 20 to 30.
  • Lone-wolf Storage from 5000 to 2000 mass.
  • Locker from 250.000 to 150.000 pop-tabs.
  • Locker withdraw limit from 10.000 to 25.000 in Safe-Zone.
  • Lowered Safe, Exile Container, Tent, Crate and vehicle inventory capacity. (still higher than default)
  • Reworked random loot crates and heli crash crates.
  • Reworked the loot tables and implemented almost every item available into the tables.
  • Reworked base raiding. Breaching now only requires one charge per wall, however the time to plant each charge has been drastically increased.
  • Fixed Stary Trader building with locked doors.
  • Lowered the amount of Virtual Garage slots on territories.
  • High Military Grade weapons such as Navid, SPMG, Cyrus, KVSK and so on will be only available as mission reward.
  • Concrete parts are removed from mission rewards and are replaced by the materials to craft concrete parts.
  • Vehicle prices for military vehicles are increased.
  • Cleaned out the weapons, all weapons available can use proper scopes.
  • Moved some weapons from normal trader to Black Market.
  • Renewed DMS and changed mission rewards (concrete parts are taken out and are replaced with the materials to craft concrete parts).
  • Defibrillators taken out of the traders and will be only available as mission reward or loot.
  • Fixed defibrillator bug where users were able to pickup the defibrillator before it was deleted.
  • Cyrus, GM6 Lynx, KSVK, M107, M134D “Epilator”, M320 LRR, MAR-10, SPMG and Navid available as rare loot in random loot crates, Heli Crash Crates, DMS and ZCP mission rewards (50% Chance).
  • Reworked ZCP Capture mission rewards.
  • Increased the prices for Building Materials.
  • Viewing distance set to 2200.
  • Reworked prices and respect requirements.