Last 24 Hours to get your raffle tickets!


Because we want to interact more with our community and people have been asking for it, we introduce our raffle system!


By purchasing one or more raffle tickets you enter the monthly raffle. The available prizes will change every month and they can be hardware, a steam gift card, 12 months VIP subscription and so on! Your name will be put on a list x the amount of purchased raffle tickets. More tickets will increase your chance of winning! A random picker will select the winners! When you click here you will see the active raffle and which prizes are available for this months raffle!


This raffle which will close on the 31st of August. The prizes are:


1st Prize

Any Steam Game or Games with a max of €59,99


2nd Prize

3 Months VIP Subscription


3rd Prize
1 Month VIP Subscription


The winners will be announced on the 2nd of September!

Raffle Tickets are available in our online store!




VIP's have a 20% discount per raffle ticket!