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Exile servers are online 24/7, but players are not. Balancing base raiding in persistent online games is extremely challenging, if not completely impossible. All video games in this genre struggle with that especially when the victims are not online. There is no common solution for that issue in this genre.

Simply disallowing base raiding while the victims are offline is frustrating for attackers. Imagine you want to raid a base, prepare everything, make a plan and then a message pops up: “Sorry, owner is not online. Come back later”. Then, with some steam coming out of your ears you drive to the next attractive base, where you know the owners are online. Unfortunately the owners notice you and log out, leaving you with another neat “Please come back later” message.

Making it harder to raid a base while the owner is offline would be inconsistent and can be abused to check if the owners are online. Also, it would not increase the chance of a successful defense at all.

Disallowing base raids at certain times - for example in the night - does not work for international servers. While you play, others might be at work or asleep.

This app does not directly change how base raiding works, but it can influence the game play in a positive way. On one hand, raiding a base has a much higher risk of facing resistance now. Even if the victims are offline, they will know what you are doing and give their best to prevent that. Do not think a base is empty - this can change every moment now. Just blowing your way through some walls is boring. There is nothing better than a good firefight. On the other hand, logging in just to see your base being raided or completely wiped off the server is probably the most frustrating thing when building a virtual home.

The app works basically as a door bell, that you automatically ring when you raid a base. On top of that, we have added a couple of features to remind you to pay your territory protection money. It will also inform you when your territory flag is being stolen or restored. Also, your server admins might send you a message like “Hey, we are hosting an event this Friday. Want to join us?”. And the best: You will receive notifications within seconds, so you have time to react. It takes approximately ten minutes for the attackers to get into your base when you have received the base raid alert. Enough time to connect, unlock and reload.

You will probably have a bunch of questions. We have compiled a list of questions that we can already foresee to be asked. In case you have another question, please contact one of the admins!

What does this app do?
This app is a notification service. You will receive messages from the Arma 3 Exile servers you play on to keep you informed about in-game events - for example while someone is raiding your territory. Notifications are delivered in real-time, so you can react immediately.

Do I receive message while I am offline?
Yes, you will receive messages regardless of if you are currently playing Exile or not.

Do my friends get messages, too?
Yes, if they also use the app. Territory related notifications are sent to all players that have build rights on a territory. If someone raids your base, you and all of your friends will know!

How long does it take to receive a message?
Given a perfect phone connection, it takes two seconds on average! This means that your pocket will vibrate just moments after something happened in Arma.

What types of messages will I get?
Currently, the app supports the following notifications:


  • Base Raid Alerts: You will get real-time notifications while someone is trying to get into your base - before they have breached through the first wall! It takes a while to breach through a wall in Exile, so you have approximately ten minutes to react before the attacker is in your base. All of your mates that have build rights on the same territory will receive the same message, so your whole clan is alerted.
  • Flag Steal Alerts: This message informs you that attackers have stolen your flag some seconds ago. The thief then has to carry your flag to the nearest traders - use this chance to prevent that and get your flag back! And if happened to be too far away, you now know that you have three days to get a new flag.
  • Flag Restored Notifications: You and your mates will receive this message once your territory flag has been restored. No need to panic anymore with your territory flag!
  • Territory Protection Money Reminders: This notification will remind you when the protection money of your territory is due in the next 24 hours.
  • Server Admin Notifications: Server Admins can send messages to all players that linked their phone with our servers. This is especially useful to announce server events to all players.

How does the app recognize “me”?
You can link the app with your Steam account.

Will I also get messages at night?
Yes, but the app will respect your sound volume and vibration settings. Also, the LED light of your phone will blink in the Exile pink now and then - in case you missed the vibration and ring-tone. If you receive a message while you are asleep or busy, you at least know what happened. There is nothing worse than logging in after a couple of days, just to see your territory being raided or gone.

Can every Exile server send me messages?
No, you have to grant servers permission first. Open your in-game XM8 and navigate to the "Mobile XM8" app. It will show you a four-digit server code. Use that to add a server in your phone. If you want to stop receiving messages from a server, simply swipe it away.

Will this app be required to play Exile?

I had my phone switched off for some time, what now?
If your phone was out of battery, in flight mode, out of signal or simply switched off: You will receive messages for up to seven days after the in-game event occurred. After that, messages will expire and not be delivered anymore.

On which mobile devices does this app run?
It runs on Android 5.0 “Lollipop” and above.

Where can I download this amazing app free of charge?

How do I add the [EXO] servers?
To add a server you need the 4 digit server code which is unique for every server. These are our server codes!

  • Chernarus: YFTK
  • Takistan: RZZV
  • Tanoa: PHFV