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      Well said Fred  it's not all about 40 people who know each other moaning and doing team vs team and stamping on the lone wolves. I play with only 2 usually and like the lower pop times as well. Nice when it does ramp up but it's a different type of server with 60 people on, all doing the loot - die - loot cycle and that ain't for me. 
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    I quite like it when it's quiet  I loved playing on the US server on my own most days too    more players is cool to but for a loner or someone who only plays with a couple of friends now and again it's no fun to join a sever get to a mission do all the work only to be raped by a great big team - not that the fight with them isn't fun though - I honestly thought when Esseker came on there would be more like me playing but it just hasn't taken off - if there are a few of us playing we join Cherno for the action if it's just me and one other we join esseker - I hope it will bet busier and they don't kill it like they did on US right as I get to build a base 
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      Hmm.. seems like a good jumping off point for a bit of insight from some senior admins.  Quite interested to hear what their thoughts are on this server from launch up until now.  I've noticed a lot of recurring names on the server, and it seems they all play at different times. Are the stats showing any positive or negative trends? And are there any plans for it, or is the plan to just see how it goes? 
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    Well put. You are more than just a pretty face after all.
  9. Low Pop.

    I agree with blunt, when it was put to the forums what everyone wanted it was a resounding response for esseker. Seriously where are all those people now???!!!! It completely beggars belief that the mentality of so many is I won't play when it's quiet. Guess what, that's exactly why it's quiet, doh.  As for all the other hissy fitting between yourselves, all this throwing around of the word salty. I don't see how people like cat and arc can be considered salty when they've not been disadvantaged in any way. Their point is merely that you can't complain about a low pop on the server but in the same thought not see how hyper aggressive tactics drives new players away. Yes it isn't the only reason, lots of other things could be done, but no new player wants to get a week in to a new server to be completely raped of all progress because they shoot someone. Everyone should just chill out a little as we are just talking about a game and try be productive in what could make the server as popular as it should be. We know this map looks amazing and deserves a large established pop
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    I think this is the correct picture you were looking for  
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    i'm also trying to grasp this concept
  12. Low Pop.

    oh i agree 100% if what i said didnt sound right. What i was saying is that a lot of people expressed interest on the forums and now they are nowhere to be found. I do think the objective was to target a new audience that wasnt with exo before. i think we would all like some fresh meat. I just think that none of the player base is over on esseker at all. I figured there are more people like myself who are just plain tired of cherno.
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    Pretty sure the point of this post is to all give suggestions as to how we can increase the population of Esseker. So please keep future comments on-topic.   (Pro tip, why not all log on to Esseker and let your gameplay speak for itself, rather than talking about it on here? )
  14. Low Pop.

    if more pop was the goal of a new server then it should have bin AltisLife and not exile at all
  15. Low Pop.

    Thanks ACAB, I know I did 
  16. Low Pop.

    Alright you win. You are right.
  17. Low Pop.

        It doesn't populate because of the problems it has, that the EXO gaming community obviously doesn't want to play with, along with all the people that voted Essker, and again don't play. I'm allowed to have an opinion on what map i thought would have been better, this isn't North Korea. Going by peoples reaction to people playing the game the way they chose to, Why not, you obviously hate others playing the game with whats provided. I have a right to play the game anyway i chose fit, yes, whats the problem in that? I don't tell you how to act in this game.   Which little group have i stomped on?   So far Vikings who were 10-15+ because they had the exact codes for everything in pattern. Or the Fiddles, which included upto the same number of guys that were playing agaisnt them, and only because they again had the same code fo their car to their safes. eZ's base because, why not,   So which groups is being so henious that destroys every small group of newplayers that join?   How did eZ run on the US server?   I joined and put the warboner group tag just to see the reaction it got, it was amazing, it provided within the first few times i typed "hello" You know warboners aren't even a group anylonger heh, and that I am just trolling with people who get oversensative about having thier vehicle blown up or crying about me using a thermal scanner for its intended purpose, or just cry because they dislike the name, like HANSI for instance.   Will it make you happy if i play soft?
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    ... He says to himself whilst looking in the mirror  Good one mate hahahaa
  19. Low Pop.

    Rusty, what the fuck is your point?   *The server doesnt populate because its Esseker? *It should have been Tanoa? *They should make it PVE? *You have a right to stomp little guys on a empty server because it's digital shit?   Capped em!   And trust me no one is salty here. We just don't get the whole let's go full on base raid mentality on a low pop server.    
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  21. Low Pop.

    Sweet  ... I'm taking that as a win! Now we're done destroying you with words, we'll look forward to continuing to destroy you in the field 
  22. Low Pop.

    Here we go again... ignores the posts and just responds with some meaningless trollop. Don't waste your time Arc. We can engage with him in the dick way that he knows best :-D
  23. Low Pop.

        There's no discussing anything with 2 trogladytes who can do nothing but use this topic as a venting point for their frustrations that people dare play the game different to them. Well done, you are masterful, have a pleasent day.  
  24. Low Pop.

    And I'm not sure there's anything to be salty about, considering we own you everytime we cross paths. It's just a discussion about many things that effect the pop of a new server
  25. Low Pop.

      Lol you're great conversation.   Salty about what exactly? The only interaction I've had with you is when you came into trade screaming your bag pipes about how you were going to destroy my car...  but i ended up shooting you in the face when you crashed like a gay boner outside trade. Sometimes your pal Vapes mines our base while we laugh at him on CCTV.
  26. Low Pop.

    maybe back to topic?
  27. Low Pop.

    You seem to be rather salty about something, but whatever floats your boat.    
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