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      wtf r u doing

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  5. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    Ewwww... Don't use those three dirty letters together   #crookedcuntgaming 
  6. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    you cant really get a monopoly on those things though, sure, they might camp their bases at each rearm station, but they will be spread out, kill 1 of them in their base, and you've practically secured a black market or rearm station for a few minutes, plenty of time to get your shit done and get out   the skalisty mission is the same, even though they might have a "monopoly" on bridge access (when theyre online and in their bases), theres plenty of ways of getting the stuff out, especially now that you can load the crates into your helicopters or even move it from a vehicle into a boat if you'd choose to do so..     besides, all the groups on the server hate eachother for no particular reason.. give us a reason to hate 1 group more then the others, like them having a base on every rearm station or black market, and we'll probably be able to set our differences aside and get rid of them real quick, so we can get back to shittalking eachother on sidechat again    
  7. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    I try not to call out other communities though.   But i am acctualy pretty surprised that no groups have the Black markets and rearm points on lock down. Not that I am trying to give people ideas but that was the #1 complaint about our group. If groups did to Blackmarkets/Rearm stations what the Warboners did to the Skalisty mission you might think different about a line of sight rule.      
  8. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    Hardly, imagine if a clan set up an outpost at each fuel station. Now where do you go to re fuel after your Littlebird runs out of fuel, you'd go risk a fuel station? No - you would go to your base and refuel. But what if you're a loan wolf, what fun is it to go to a fuel station to be camped and killed every time?   And Credit Card Gaming should not be compared to Extraordinary Servers. CCG are there to generate money, EXO are here to make the game even and enjoyable, which is NOT means tested.
  9. Major Update 28-05-2017!

      And that's the dumbest rule ever. I'm playing here because EXOs building rules are not as dumb as they were on ccg lol.
  10. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    Rule:Can't have line of sight on a gas station from base. This would include the roof.   On the server I played on there was a entire plot pole dedicated for a wall that removed line of sight on a Gorka base.
  11. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    Except when there is a base within the radius that doesn't have any windows viewing it to keep within the rules, but then they jut lay on the roof and camp it? 
  12. Server "crash".

      Alright as long you're aware of the situation its all good  .
  13. Server "crash".

    We are aware but it is a weird bug that seems to hunt us and other communities every now and then. We are till trying to find a solution.
  14. Server "crash".

    Since I'm a nerd and play late night / early morning hours I've seen the server having issues around 7-10 in the morning. Server lags out completely, as in everything on the server stands still running etc.   Just a heads up. Maybe there's something that can  be done about it. It has happened twice in 3 days time now.   Today the server did drop connection and rebooted, I'm not sure if it was an admin restarting it. But the other day it was down for a good hour   Anyways I just wanted to let you know. Keep up the good work!
  15. Berezino is our company )

  16. I haven't been here in a while, but when me and some friends went to play the Takistan server, it was nowhere to be found. I realize it's been taken down, but why? Last we were there it was pretty populated. I assume it died over time, but theres' no harm in asking.

    1. Crunch™


      Yes it died, dont know why.... but we had to make the call. It was just costinf us money and time.

  17. Server Update! 11-06-2017

      I will test with a smaller setting.
  18. Server Update! 11-06-2017

    Updates are awesome guys, keep up the good work! One thing I thought though, was the new map icons were a little too big? Could they be made a bit smaller on the map. Personally found them a little intrusive and taking up a bit more of map space than I thought they would.  Just my initial thought on them. Designs are cool though.
  19. Server Update! 11-06-2017

    Nice!! Love the new skins.   Interesting addition of contaminated zones, although i had hoped it would be introduced around NW area since it's more or less uninhabited after the bash trader got removed. Mainly you will only find smaller bases up north now that  groups use as spawn points for doing missions.  
  20. Server Update! 11-06-2017

    As Promised we have another weekend update for you. Yet again we have made some changes we hope you will enjoy! You can discuss the update in this topic!   Make sure you update your [EXO] Mod Pack! New Map Markers Because we want to set our server apart from the rest we have improved the server markers. Below you can see the new markers.     Vehicle Repair Kit Duct-tape is still in and can be used for recipes and such. But from now you will have to use a Vehicle Repair Kit. It is available in the traders and will also spawn in industrial area's.   Loading Messages As some already spotted Exile put is some nice loading messages. We decided to overwrite that function to support our own community messages. People can suggest messages in this topic!   VIP Vehicle Skins We have added a couple VIP Vehicle Skins for the Strider, Ifrit and Hunter. This is just a start and more skins for more vehicles will be coming in future updates!   Example skins:   Contaminated Zones We have made parts of the Island of Utes a contaminated zone to make it a bit harder and more exciting. We have altered the effect of the standard Exile effects. We removed the blur for example to keep it nice and playable. Off course you will need a gas-mask to enter the contaminated zones.   New Bridge to Utes Although the bridge from Skalisty to Utes was made as a choke-point it was to easy to camp the bridge. We have put in an extra bridge leading from the east of Elektrozavodsk to Utes, thanks to GibsandPieces for pointing this out to us.   Inventory Capacity Change We have changed all vehicle capacity to hold 3 times more items. We also have changed the capacity of the safes, wooden crates, supply crates and camo-tents.
  21. Update 3-6-2017

    I think things should stay how they are  
  22. Update 3-6-2017

      what exactly are we argueing for then? if you dont want to stay in the knocked out screen to give your teammates more info, then what reason is there to stay? because you want to talk to them? what if i dont want to hear whatever you have to say, theres no mute option for me apart from going into the playerlist and muting you specifically, or muting direct chat entirely..   you want to stay knocked out because you have a teammate nearby that could revive you? then why didnt he kill the person stuck in an animation reviving you? probably because he is in no position to revive in the first place.. so that doesnt make any sense either..   what other reason is there? cause i dont see one.. just click respawn and move on, no reason to stay dead for 2 mins..
  23. Update 3-6-2017

    Now i have to ask you, where do i say that i want to stay and ghost players when dead? Nowhere, what i have said is "but i guess one could also argue that this could be a way to combat ppl who stays knocked out (previouse dead) for up to 2 minutes or what it is, to give info to friends" You are argueing against me with something i have not even said. So you are still totaly ignoring my point
  24. Update 3-6-2017

    You have the option on respawning when You Die and You either do that or have the risk of beeing revived. Is that a bad thing for You?    Why is IT always the kind of way to play for the one Who writes here whom is not the abusing way? You dont think beeing able to see Where People are after You are dead is an abusing thing to do?   We are on totally different levels here Where You think You should be able to ghost for your teammates without the risk of losing anything more than a kill You Already lost in the first place.   you are arguing about Someone abusing a thing while You want to abuse something yourself. Thats the way i see IT. And i assuming everyone else Who told You the same simple thing i did is somehow thinking the same. - respawn    
  25. Update 3-6-2017

    But either way you are totaly ignoring the part that it -can- be abused, i dunno if you are ignoring it bc you dont understand or dont agreee or just want to shift the focus so you can be "the one thats right" bc i do not understand what the problem is, if something can be abused and someone takes up the problem and gives advice on how the abuse can be handled. How is that such a bad thing @suub ? you feel pointed out by it? otherwise i dont understand why you are 100% against it
  26. Update 3-6-2017

    It's not a game changer at all. You either press respawn when you die or disconnect.  If you want the change of ghosting on the enemies to your friends they should have a change on killing you again.
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