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  1. Major Update 28-05-2017!

      And that's the dumbest rule ever. I'm playing here because EXOs building rules are not as dumb as they were on ccg lol.
  2. Server "crash".

      Alright as long you're aware of the situation its all good  .
  3. Server "crash".

    Since I'm a nerd and play late night / early morning hours I've seen the server having issues around 7-10 in the morning. Server lags out completely, as in everything on the server stands still running etc.   Just a heads up. Maybe there's something that can  be done about it. It has happened twice in 3 days time now.   Today the server did drop connection and rebooted, I'm not sure if it was an admin restarting it. But the other day it was down for a good hour   Anyways I just wanted to let you know. Keep up the good work!