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  1. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    + If you really need additional storage there are other methods, Heli crates and wooden boxes (Cant actually remember but i don't remember wooden boxes counting as objects, I may have been slightly drunk at the time tho so i never checked) 10 safes (65 old safes) is more than enough imo.   If anything I would like to see the last 5 territory levels give more than just virtual garage slots and then 50 items, It should be 10 items per level and maybe 1/2 slots on the Virtual garage.     (Also have you considered adding a poptab cost to spawning at bases? like 2k/5k from your bank or something) just a thought.
  2. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    Might wanna check to see if the script for base spawning is working the way its meant to when a base is being raided, I was able to spawn on one of our bases yesterday while a group was inside it hacking a safe.
  3. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    I like the changes and support the base spawning + safe limiting. I believe we should give it some time as many people have pointed out, tweaks can surely be made as the server gets used to these changes, my only bugbear is offline raiding is going to hurt a whole lot more now.    The base spawning is nice it stops people raging when they die 9k away from a spawn town it does mean when fighting around other players bases you have to be careful of the bambies rushing back it may also encourage some people/players who like the more casual gameplay to join the server.   The safes being limited makes raiding bases far more fun, flags surrounded by safes was something I never liked as they didn't count as objects.    While the forum has many loud people always conversing there is also the silent majority who have no issues are happy and just want to play.    
  4. Cherno Bugs + Updates

    Dont worry ACAB as Cuddles knows already about all of this  I have been harassing him since the server wipe about missing stuff  + getting some stuff added like the MG42/3 and Police car etc.  The one thing that I have noticed but its very minor is that some of the missions come up with Sindikat rebels instead of CDF but its only the flavour text so no biggy.    Captain Cuddles has been extremely kind enough not to block me... yet, I may drive him mad with things to add