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  1. Update 3-6-2017

    You have the option on respawning when You Die and You either do that or have the risk of beeing revived. Is that a bad thing for You?    Why is IT always the kind of way to play for the one Who writes here whom is not the abusing way? You dont think beeing able to see Where People are after You are dead is an abusing thing to do?   We are on totally different levels here Where You think You should be able to ghost for your teammates without the risk of losing anything more than a kill You Already lost in the first place.   you are arguing about Someone abusing a thing while You want to abuse something yourself. Thats the way i see IT. And i assuming everyone else Who told You the same simple thing i did is somehow thinking the same. - respawn    
  2. Update 3-6-2017

    It's not a game changer at all. You either press respawn when you die or disconnect.  If you want the change of ghosting on the enemies to your friends they should have a change on killing you again.
  3. Update 3-6-2017

    Get your shit together swede. Complain about something that actually change the gameplay instead of stupid things. I dont even see Why People are waiting to see IF anyone is near your body. IF You have decent buddies they Will found out and kill him without your help. IF You dont want the risk of beeing revived hit that despawn key of yours directly or IF You found out You still see this as a problem You always have the disconnect key.
  4. Cherno Bugs + Updates

    In the overhaul topic this is announced :   Building Supplies Trader (done!)
  5. Cherno Bugs + Updates

    Hi, Will the building trader be added before the update of the map?    Will it be in Safezone?
  6. Cherno Bugs + Updates

    Oh that explains alot, ty for help. I guess You have to keep your eyes more open  
  7. Cherno Bugs + Updates

    Anyone else having problems with missing helis on heli crases? I can only see the crate and AI guarding it. Hard to see them and the crate without heli and smoke