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  1. wheels/no wheels

    It is a known bug which we might have a fix for soon. But yes deliberately jumping out of the vehicle and the glitched person to jump in to get out of a firefight is considered abusing the glitch. 
  2. the safezone protection from the bought cars in trader will work again after the restart in 13 minutes. Name for the AI reward kill message has also been fixed.
  3. another glitch wall

  4. lone wolf item storage

    Lone wolf item storage has now been fixed and you should be able to now retrieve objects  again as well
  5. Spawn on ground doesn't work

    it will be fixed at next restart. As its not a gamebreaking thing we won't force another restart.
  6. Storage Crates Vanished

    are we talking about the big heli crash crates or actual wooden storage crates?
  7. Storage Crates Vanished

    The crates might have just glitched out from someone blowing up the wall in all fairness. Those crates have a habit of dissappearing cause the physx on those is really weird. They will get launched into outer space or just promptly disappear.   This is the reason why we don't compensate for these crates, cause they do this quite often.
  8. Server Restart with 1 hour left on timer!

    Like i said, it had the same restart cycle as the EU one on the background, but the timer was still set to the US times. Which made the server think it was going to restart, kicking off the script to kick everyone, but not kick off the restart script until an hour later.   Mistake on our end, our appoligies. But yeah, got fixed quickly.
  9. Server Restart with 1 hour left on timer!

    think i know what happened, it has the same restart cycle now as the EU server
  10. Server Restart with 1 hour left on timer!

    @Crunch™ @Captain Cuddles   You get kicked every hour? Sorry i am omw to work atm but you get kicked every hour?
  11. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    yeah wrong forum to ask. Not much we can do about this unrfortunately.
  12. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    problem is that alot of people bought alot of safes. We want to act on it before people start complaining about bad serverperformance
  13. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    Ofcourse we keep things within reasonable boundry's. If it is really going to be as horrible as you say, its not that hard to remove. We are just humans and can also misjudge things.    Lets just try this out for a bit.
  14. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    you did have you're usage for those safes. Not sure what you are doing with 50-100 safes... You are part of the problem of why we had to implement this rule But no, we can't really start doing that cause it would be an impossible job for us to do so. And before you suggest, if we up the sell price to the same value it would cost, you know there will be people abusing it to buy / sell and raise their respect.
  15. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    However with a 195k capacity on one out of 10 safes in the base also gives you a bigger payout. Besides the fact you still have to run to the base with no gun.