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  1. Storage Crates Vanished

    are we talking about the big heli crash crates or actual wooden storage crates?
  2. Storage Crates Vanished

    The crates might have just glitched out from someone blowing up the wall in all fairness. Those crates have a habit of dissappearing cause the physx on those is really weird. They will get launched into outer space or just promptly disappear.   This is the reason why we don't compensate for these crates, cause they do this quite often.
  3. Server Restart with 1 hour left on timer!

    Like i said, it had the same restart cycle as the EU one on the background, but the timer was still set to the US times. Which made the server think it was going to restart, kicking off the script to kick everyone, but not kick off the restart script until an hour later.   Mistake on our end, our appoligies. But yeah, got fixed quickly.
  4. Server Restart with 1 hour left on timer!

    think i know what happened, it has the same restart cycle now as the EU server
  5. Server Restart with 1 hour left on timer!

    @[email protected] Cuddles   You get kicked every hour? Sorry i am omw to work atm but you get kicked every hour?
  6. Chernarus Hanging

    i can't get onto the control panel either, so its serious connection issues. @Crunch™ will have to look.
  7. The Server is Taking the biggest crap ever

    just restarted it should be back up by now
  8. Takistan gone down

    seems its fixed. Think it was something at the hosting company.
  9. Takistan gone down

    i can't even get on the Takistan control page to restart it, seems like it has seriously taken a downer. Crunch will have to look into this one
  10. It is the server that crashes, besides the fact that there is admins on during the day EU time, it does not crash during the EU time.    We are aware of the issue and are looking into it, we are not the only server dealing with this problem. It is since the new Arma update. It is not like we do not care about the server crashing nor our NA playerbase its just not easy to fix if there is no error message.    A bit like your Windows giving a blue screen saying "something crashed were sorry, just restart the computer"   About the issue of no admin being online during NA time...it is just that you would have to give people acces to things that you generally do not want people to have acces to. Its not a simple on/off switch, they control your server. You can imagine that you do not want to give your neighbour that you occasionally say hi to, the keys to your car or house "just in case".