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  1. Server Restart with 1 hour left on timer!

    Resolved. Locking.
  2. Pop Caps Disapear

    I'll feed this back to the team Thanks for raising it. ~Locking~
  3. Pop Caps Disapear

    To confirm, this happens with poptabs from a capture point only.   This is to prevent logging out after a capture point. Lets say you do alpha - you hide in the command centre and log out - you're 'technically' not in combat but you log. That isn't fair.  Bank your monies guys! 
  4. Pop Caps Disapear

    Intentional, to prevent combat loggers. You need to store poptabs before you log out after doing a cap point.
  5. @Crunch™ - I don't know whether this is possible, but I remember back in the day, a long server restart at 3am.... this lead to the TS and Cherno being unavailable for around 10mins while i belive the machine rebooted?   Could a script be setup that restarts the box at Midnight? I must stress I know nothing about coding / A3 stuff, but if the machine reboots would it open up the A3Server? If so you could add a scheduled task at 11:55pm on a .bat file - all it needs is:    Shutdown -r -t 300 -c "Autoshutdown"    This might not fix it, but it might clear the temporary memory or fix the issue?