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  1. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    This could be bc the Ifrit does not count as an armed vehicle. Which is totally fine for me because the smokes on Ifrit and Strider are op
  2. Arma 1.70 Update!

    Have to report the same. I think you're using a custom weather where the ambient sounds probably can get disabled aswell?  Did a mission last uptime and didn't hear a loud ass truck from less than 300m bc auf the wind.
  3. Chernarus crashes everytime it starts up

    Thanks. This is Arma  I bet the changed stuff worked perfectly on the test server. Put the same stuff  on the life server which runs the exact files and  it messes everything up.
  4. Good morning everyone. It seems theres something wrong with the chernarus server. It starts, locks and crashes 10 seconds later.