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  1. Arma 1.70 Update!

      No no, thats fine.  I thought EXO eliminated ALL loot from docks (inside buildings) and was curious how that was unnatural compared to other buildings that had loot in them.  Thanks for the reply.
  2. Arma 1.70 Update!

      Happens to me every now and then. Sometimes it happens within territories sometimes just out in the open.
  3. Arma 1.70 Update!

      Explain please.
  4. Cherno Bugs + Updates

      Does that mean that you were in there for 3 hours watching him? 
  5. Cherno Bugs + Updates

      NPCs will always shoot at traders until they run out of ammo.
  6. Server Issues?

    Thanks @Captain Cuddles and @Crunch™. Wasn't attempting to "rush" anyone, was just looking for a quick update about what was going on.  We like to be informed   PS. Tanoa is down currently again
  7. Server Issues?

    Tanoa server got "Session Lost" twice during 1 restart. Now, its not showing up on the list.  Just wondering updates from the staff and if this is happening to the Chernarus and Takistan servers.  Thanks.