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  1. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    I'm more than happy with the way the safes have been changed as of now, 10 safes with the capacity of around 65 is far more than enough storage for one base and I don't think more is needed. For big groups you will have more than one base so that's at least 20 safes having around 130 old safe storage limit which again is a whole lot of storage, not to mention if you have say 5 bases then what could you possibly need that amount of storage for. For smaller groups the 10 safe limit is also more than enough storage.   I don't see the need to have increased safe count at all and personally I feel that this will just be used to still block flag/room access within bases as much as possible whilst not counting for base parts.
  2. Could just smack someone with it that should do the trick!
  3. Not sure if bug or not but M107 is in Black Market trader but I was not able to find any ammo to purchase.