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  1. Bugged cars.

    This is exactly what's happening.      
  2. Bugged cars.

      Stop discussing other peoples bans in a forum that's not for that!, you have been warned now multiple times about this and i'm not going to entertain it any longer, if you have constructive criticism and suggestions then post them up, but you will not use this post to discuss bans that are not related to your account!
  3. Low Pop.

        It doesn't populate because of the problems it has, that the EXO gaming community obviously doesn't want to play with, along with all the people that voted Essker, and again don't play. I'm allowed to have an opinion on what map i thought would have been better, this isn't North Korea. Going by peoples reaction to people playing the game the way they chose to, Why not, you obviously hate others playing the game with whats provided. I have a right to play the game anyway i chose fit, yes, whats the problem in that? I don't tell you how to act in this game.   Which little group have i stomped on?   So far Vikings who were 10-15+ because they had the exact codes for everything in pattern. Or the Fiddles, which included upto the same number of guys that were playing agaisnt them, and only because they again had the same code fo their car to their safes. eZ's base because, why not,   So which groups is being so henious that destroys every small group of newplayers that join?   How did eZ run on the US server?   I joined and put the warboner group tag just to see the reaction it got, it was amazing, it provided within the first few times i typed "hello" You know warboners aren't even a group anylonger heh, and that I am just trolling with people who get oversensative about having thier vehicle blown up or crying about me using a thermal scanner for its intended purpose, or just cry because they dislike the name, like HANSI for instance.   Will it make you happy if i play soft?
  4. Low Pop.

  5. Low Pop.

        There's no discussing anything with 2 trogladytes who can do nothing but use this topic as a venting point for their frustrations that people dare play the game different to them. Well done, you are masterful, have a pleasent day.  
  6. Low Pop.

    You seem to be rather salty about something, but whatever floats your boat.    
  7. Low Pop.

        You're moaning about players playing a game the way they want to, their way isn't wrong, your way isn't wrong. As long as players play the game within the boundaries of the rules, then i see no problem with people playing the game the way the game was intended to be played, with the assets the games gives you.  Now you and cat can make passive agressive comments about the neddless destruction and rolling groups yadda yadda, but it doesn't change the fact that players will play the way they want, and not the way you want because it offends your Arma morale compass.   If theres 1 other player on the server with me, i'm going to look for them to pvp. It's why i play games to have fun, not sit and give friendship cuddles to every new person that joins. Goods get destroyed digital goods, why people get so upset about it is beyond me, soft arma, breeds soft players.   But continue your hurf durf we rolled you with ease back patting        
  8. Low Pop.

        Make the server PVE   I mean why not right?   Or remove explosives/hacking, thermal scanners and then.......................................................................
  9. Low Pop.

      You sound salty? Whats up dude?   So what you're saying is join a pvp server to not pvp?   What happened to all these people that voted Esseker, then never played Esseker?
  10. Low Pop.

      Yes, but again most modern computers play it now, even my dinosaur plays it okay, while recording.   I really like Essekers FPS. Even when it was populated it was nice.        
  11. Low Pop.

      A lot more people have the DLC now.
  12. Low Pop.

      But with better content, more work spent on removing bushes and alll the jazz and hard work people put in, this one still sits empty. I know it is new, and i spend as much time as i can idling on it, or playing. The map is broken, it has problems, it puts people off, what's not to get about that? It's pretty evident that EXO players from chernarus tried it, didn't like it due to the vehicle bug (which i don't really mind), and then migrated back to their prefered choice.   I like playing on Essker. But players that don't like being inconvienenced, wont like having to wait 10-15 mins for a vehicle to unstick out the ground. I can see that annoying people greatly, but as i said, i don't mind that much.    
  13. Low Pop.

      You're still not getting it, Sorry for being disgusting, but to simplfy it, a polished turd, is still a turd, and until the actual map creator fixes his map and completes it, then it will always wont be "finished" and with "serious" problems. Nobody here is slating the effort put in.
  14. Low Pop.

      Nobody here is taking any work they do for granted, i don't see what that has to do with what i said? You know I'm talking about the map and not the content EXO push onto that map? Just so you're not confused, I'm about the least person who would take what they do for granted.
  15. Low Pop.

      I understand that, but at some point someone should have stepped in and said "This map isn't even finished, It has some serious problems", lets think of another.