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  1. Arma 1.70 Update!

      You are misstaken rangefinders for 3d markers. Rangefinders have always worked through windows.
  2. Arma 1.70 Update!

      Less objects being triggered = better performance server side.  If you have every docks being occupied, triggering that many loot locations on a dock in a perfect line, equally spaced, it adds more load onto the server. We have been actively seeking new ways to trim the fat from the server to keep it running smooth, we have removed workbenches, firekits from outwith territories, and optimized some other scripts. This is done to benefit the server object counts yadda yadda. it looks unatural, a line of loot perfectly placed on the edge of a dock, natural loot looks nice when it spawns inside buildings, or around them. You may view this differently, and that's fine.
  3. Arma 1.70 Update!

        This was implemeted on our end. It reduces the amount of objects on the server and also eliminates a totally unatural loot spawn.
  4. Chernarus crashes everytime it starts up

    thanks for the report, as soon as cuddles or crunch comes online it will get resolved.
  5. Cherno Bugs + Updates

        I haven't noticed it happening before, but now that you have mentioned it, i will speak to Crunch later about it, maybe there is something conflicting, or it could just be arma being arma.
  6. Cherno Bugs + Updates

      You are missing his point completely, He has an android phone, he's asking if there is a way to fix the current system so it actually works and notifies everyone on the territory that has android. Which is hasn't being doing. He was wondering if that is able to be fixed our end, which is can't.   I'm on multiple territories, i have a 7 edge, yet it doesn't send me alerts to his territory or others (only one or two territories I'm on sends me alerts). I'm sure he's just looking for it to work more efficiently.
  7. Cherno Bugs + Updates

    The point he's getting at is that the app doesn't always notify people on his base that have android.
  8. Cherno Bugs + Updates

    Patience. Everything will become clear soon.
  9. Name: [TN]Freddy Hartgas

    SteamID 64:76561198119236760


    Story:Sry for my bad english i come from Germany :^)


    I drive with my friends in a car i see a guy in the base  i wall bang him with my mk 48 7.62mm. We are dont can loot this guy we drive on the hill and i was banned ! because I dont now!


    And i have a video !!!


    1. [TN]FreddyHartgas


      And i look into the base with my charaktar sry for this i do this never again my Friend :^)