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  1. Pop Caps Disapear

    But 10 minutes later is a little mean! We were just heading to trade ;-( You know im desperate and poor percy, breaking my heart,
  2. Pop Caps Disapear

    I wasn't in combat but i did log while locked in a vehicle. It was because my friend thought he was funny, It was a good 10 minutes after we did the capture point though
  3. Pop Caps Disapear

    Ahhh my friend locked me in a vehicle is that the reason? I logged out about 10 minutes after capture point
  4. Pop Caps Disapear

    Hey Guys, I know i'm likely to not get them back but i thought i'd let you know... I did a capture point and i had about 10k pop caps. Server restart followed about 15 minutes later and they disappeared from my inventory when i rejoined.
  5. Takistan

    I can confirm - cannot connect to the server.