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      Hmm.. seems like a good jumping off point for a bit of insight from some senior admins.  Quite interested to hear what their thoughts are on this server from launch up until now.  I've noticed a lot of recurring names on the server, and it seems they all play at different times. Are the stats showing any positive or negative trends? And are there any plans for it, or is the plan to just see how it goes? 
  4. Low Pop.

    Thanks ACAB, I know I did 
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    ... He says to himself whilst looking in the mirror  Good one mate hahahaa
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    Sweet  ... I'm taking that as a win! Now we're done destroying you with words, we'll look forward to continuing to destroy you in the field 
  7. Low Pop.

    And I'm not sure there's anything to be salty about, considering we own you everytime we cross paths. It's just a discussion about many things that effect the pop of a new server
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    Hmmm you quoted me, but I feel you're having a conversation with yourself... Not sure how what you said is even loosely related to what I put 
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        Member Cherno? Oh, I member Cherno! 
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    He's not salty about pvp, I mean it's fun when you guys try it on and we easily roll over you. And not even general pvp.. killing noobs is fine. It's the excessive destruction tactic he's referring to. Like, destroying noob vehicles etc and setting them back to square one. They then have a choice, start again or just go somewhere else. I get that it's fun to dominate, but only against a worthy opponent. 
  11. Low Pop.

    Well, I've invested time on the server now, and PUBG is shit, so I'm gonna keep playing Esseker. Just not sure why some others who've invested time have given up already. And as for the turn over of new players, that's just an Exile thing... Some can handle, some rage and quit. I/we do help out the noobs when we can though, or at the very least leave their gear on their bodies and vehicles in one piece.... When we can lol
  12. Low Pop.

    True, I haven't had a vehicle sink for a quite awhile now! Chernarus will always be popular because of DayZ... Member berries innit    The population has between 15-30 people at peak times most nights (up until this week). Granted it hasn't done that well out of peak hours, but there's always a few people on. Esseker has always been a fun Exile map even in it's incomplete state, and now thanks to the efforts of some of the exo staff, it's just as complete as any other Arma map! Plus the content is great, and there's variety in the mission, especially with the close quarters approach.  I think the main issue is that Exile is such a niche community, and the amount of servers up currently outweighs the demand, and so people go for the safe bet and a strong population. I think maybe a bit of promotion might've helped some of the Exile players realise what makes this Esseker map different from the others  
  13. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    Ewwww... Don't use those three dirty letters together   #crookedcuntgaming 
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