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  1. Update 3-6-2017

    Now i have to ask you, where do i say that i want to stay and ghost players when dead? Nowhere, what i have said is "but i guess one could also argue that this could be a way to combat ppl who stays knocked out (previouse dead) for up to 2 minutes or what it is, to give info to friends" You are argueing against me with something i have not even said. So you are still totaly ignoring my point
  2. Update 3-6-2017

    But either way you are totaly ignoring the part that it -can- be abused, i dunno if you are ignoring it bc you dont understand or dont agreee or just want to shift the focus so you can be "the one thats right" bc i do not understand what the problem is, if something can be abused and someone takes up the problem and gives advice on how the abuse can be handled. How is that such a bad thing @suub ? you feel pointed out by it? otherwise i dont understand why you are 100% against it
  3. Update 3-6-2017

    not really complaining per say, as i have given a few ideas that can change it a bit to work better then it currently is so you mean that people should not take up things and give ideas on it, just because it's not a major game changer?
  4. Update 3-6-2017

    shure, but it do not change that fact that it can and it is being abused that answer is like telling someone who people steal from in a safe zone to "just change to another safezone" might work, but it don't fix the problem itself
  5. Update 3-6-2017

    haha yeah well, give info to team members or say something to the one that killed you or just him getting up close and too friendly, how many presses respawn the first 1-10 seconds after getting killed? but i guess one could also argue that this could be a way to combat ppl who stays knocked out (previouse dead) for up to 2 minutes or what it is, to give info to friends but it would be good if it worked only on group/family or punished with -respect like a bambikill reviveing someone not in group/family just some ideas
  6. Update 3-6-2017

    dunno where to put it, but defib's are very easily abused just defib the guy you killed and in 2-3 seconds you can kill him again whitout him haveing no chance to respond or react Meaning dubble up on the hurt and respect putting it to group and/or family only, if possible, can easily stop the abuse
  7. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    if i am raiding abase and are in a big group with many bases, i can just respawn in any base and get gear and take out a golf and be back to the raid in just a few minutes and it will in the end overwhelm the defenders and raid the base. if im on the other hand am the defender in a big group with many bases i can just spawn in as bambi and run to base and get gear and golf and be back quick to kill attackers OR can even block attackers view and grief them alot if bases are close, i mean who wants to kill bambis and get shitload of -rep bc of this "clever use of game mechanics"?
  8. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    5min cooldown on a base, can't that be upped to maybe 30-60 mins instead? or maybe 3-6 times per restart to spawn at any given territory you are in seeing as bigger groups have many bases, this would maybe limit the possible nonstop attack/defend bigger groups can do on bases and as that there is now also defibs out there, only being able to spawn at bases x times per restart or have a much bigger cooldown would/could balance it out more when it comes to big groups vs small groups vs solo players
  9. Arma 1.70 Update!

    Don't know if it's in here, but the large apartmentbuilding in berezino has sunk 1 floor into the ground (the appartments in the north)
  10. Arma 1.70 Update!

    As docks have bin changed... How does it look in industrial buildings that has more then 1 floor? Any plans on adding lootspawns to those, other then on bottom floor?
  11. Arma 1.70 Update!

    More annoying then the wind is the birds, driving full speed downhill in a ifrit wich engine screams is an annoying sound But the birds are even louder than that, even when in said ifrit going downhill at ful speed   Do you mean on the ground of the dock edges? or is it dock buildings too? i haven't checked any docks yet, so figured i would ask to save myself some trouble
  12. Cherno Bugs + Updates

    Kinda answered your own question there
  13. Cherno Bugs + Updates

    don't understand how some people can stand running around at the trader and loot, would take forever to get a good amount of poptabs
  14. Cherno Bugs + Updates

    loot table for military spawn should be looked at, as low military areas like policestations and radar/ball-on-stick (the hell it's called) spawns SPMG, burgen backpack and end tier snipers. i even believe full ghillies spawn there in my opinion end tier gear should only spawn in high grade military spawns and even then be rare as shit.Or they should not be spawnable at all Also found out some weird OP attributes to nightstalker scopes, but reported that directly to an mod/admin instead of writing it here. As if it not supposed to work like that, then it won't be abused like crazy like it could be if i wrote it here Other then that i just have a wish for a lower spawnrate on cablecords, they are everywhere for me haha
  15. Server down ?

    that happens when the server crashes, you then have to wait for an admin to restart it or wait for its normal restart schedule and it will be back up again