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    I agree with blunt, when it was put to the forums what everyone wanted it was a resounding response for esseker. Seriously where are all those people now???!!!! It completely beggars belief that the mentality of so many is I won't play when it's quiet. Guess what, that's exactly why it's quiet, doh.  As for all the other hissy fitting between yourselves, all this throwing around of the word salty. I don't see how people like cat and arc can be considered salty when they've not been disadvantaged in any way. Their point is merely that you can't complain about a low pop on the server but in the same thought not see how hyper aggressive tactics drives new players away. Yes it isn't the only reason, lots of other things could be done, but no new player wants to get a week in to a new server to be completely raped of all progress because they shoot someone. Everyone should just chill out a little as we are just talking about a game and try be productive in what could make the server as popular as it should be. We know this map looks amazing and deserves a large established pop