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  1. No message received

    I'm very sorry to hear that such a thing happened, @Hopalong.   I can rest assure you that the staff here in this wonderful community is looking into the issue and are trying to fix the server issue at their nearest convenience, most likely figuring out the source of the issue right now.   Don't fret, these guys know what they're doing! 
  2. Chernarus Hanging

    Happened again just now. After the server had its automatic restart, my buddy and I were able to connect. It happened at roughly the same server time on the countdown, around 1 hour and 40 minutes until restart.
  3. Chernarus Hanging

    This happens every now and again and well.. It's happening.   No one can connect to the server, and it's simply hanging  there are 14 players on line on A3L, and the forum. While in-game, it shows 3. Myself and three others have been trying for the last hour.   No active admins/mods/support staff are on TS at the moment, so I'm posting this here.