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  1. Update 3-6-2017

    Will you be able to store vehicles at the trader even if you own a territory? I can see people always storing their most valuable vehicles in the trader to avoid losing it if/when raided. 
  2. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    Sweet update!!   The current state of basebuilding and keeping the flag secure has been to put safes all around the one side of the flag and then build doors on the other. At the moment i think around 20 safes are around my flag, most bases you stumble upon use this method. I am assuming you will want us to remove these (considering most people have a safe room on top of that and dont use the safes around the flag at all). There are still numerous ways to secure the flag but would be happy to get a quick answer to this.   Or the fact that all safes are empty maybe changes things? Please lemme know  
  3. Arma 1.70 Update!

    * Sound is super loud. No way it should sound like a tornado is passing through inside my concrete base. And now you can barely hear engines from other player vehicles. Sounds like the birds are 10meters away screaming in my ears. Would make sense in a super dense forrest and the wind maybe if you were up north on the mountains.    * I got the option for "right panel next" and "next panel zoom" or something like that, wherever i am. Others in my group didn't. But now it's basically like when you are running around with explosives and you always have the option to "place apers mine" but with this instead. Maybe there's a way to remove it that i dont know of.   * I guess the rangefinders/ns scope is an arma thing but if there's a way to get it back to what it used to be that'd be great.