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  1. Low Pop.

    maybe back to topic?
  2. Low Pop.

      You're damn right man. My fucking crew is all over the place complaining about hurricans and picking flowers in spain, while ACAB is cheating on us with chernarus. I WILL LOGIN NOW.  ffs   Edit: Chillin' by trader  Bonus: ACAB would say:"Statistically if 80% of this topic joins this evening after everyone got home from work, we could possibly get like a decent amount of population going tonight."
  3. Low Pop.

    nice knub. ragequit
  4. Low Pop.

    no. thats not how i play exile. My job is to ruin the survival thing for the noobs.  same thing for other survival games. like in Ark or Dayz SA: i won't join a server that is empty because im more into the killing and griefing part, than the survival stuff. I survive + everyone else dies = Survival game
  5. Low Pop.

     server and map are perfectly fine. Just after putting nights into creating towns and custom map content, i am not in the mood to constantly seed a server that is empty. I was playing on so many esseker server with almost none players for along time. I just want action. i basically wanted to say: Can sameone else do the idleing and i just log in when server is midpop. Please.  
  6. Low Pop.

    i havnt played since 1 week now. Server stays below 7players and aslong there're not at least 10 on i won't connect. You guys need to promote the server with one of those cool youtuber guys.  do it! need noobs to kill. Or is it already to late for exile in general?