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  1. Low Pop.

    Pretty sure the point of this post is to all give suggestions as to how we can increase the population of Esseker. So please keep future comments on-topic.   (Pro tip, why not all log on to Esseker and let your gameplay speak for itself, rather than talking about it on here? )
  2. Low Pop.

      'someone should have stepped in and said "This map isn't even finished, It has some serious problems", lets think of another.' Instead of doing that and ignoring the community they worked their asses off to fix Esseker to the best of their ability to try and make the players happy 
  3. Low Pop.

      Maybe, but instead the team worked their asses off to try and improve the map as much as they could so that they were able to give the community the best version of Esseker possible. Credit where it's due, it took a lot of time and effort to work on Esseker to try and give the community what they wanted.
  4. Low Pop.

      Would recommend going back a bit and looking at the post Cuddles made when they first decided to open another server, the community wanted Esseker, so there was no right or wrong choice. Maybe Tanoa would've done better, who knows.  
  5. Truck exploded in safe zone.

    The point Imagika is trying to make is that we can't see why it exploded from a screenshot, sometimes we have people who drive fast into safezone and crash their vehicles before safezone protection is enabled, then try and get compensation for their own mistake.  We have to be certain it was a server issue that caused the vehicle to explode. It's not that we don't want to help, or that we're trying to be difficult, we just have to cover our own asses with any compensation we give