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  1. Low Pop.

    I quite like it when it's quiet  I loved playing on the US server on my own most days too    more players is cool to but for a loner or someone who only plays with a couple of friends now and again it's no fun to join a sever get to a mission do all the work only to be raped by a great big team - not that the fight with them isn't fun though - I honestly thought when Esseker came on there would be more like me playing but it just hasn't taken off - if there are a few of us playing we join Cherno for the action if it's just me and one other we join esseker - I hope it will bet busier and they don't kill it like they did on US right as I get to build a base 
  2. Server Restart with 1 hour left on timer!

    It wasn't the scheduled restart that was the problem as such   when you logged in it came up telling you the server would kick you in 30 seconds and sure enough 30'seconds later you were kicked - this happened each time you logged in until the server actually restarted - after restart it was fine for the first 2 hours then again the last hour this would happen.   you could log in and be returned to where you were kicked out with loot etc still with you but you only had 30 seconds before you were kicked again.   Hasnt happened again though so all good
  3. Server Restart with 1 hour left on timer!

    US server was doing this earlier too  - seemed OK after the scheduled restart