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  1. ghost hawk Crew Chief gunner (right side)

      Well I am glad BI actually broke something this update! Cant have an update without hotfixes.
  2. ghost hawk Crew Chief gunner (right side)

    Test in Virtual Arsenal if that also happens without any mods on.
  3. Vehicle stuck?

    That is a map problem that we cannot fix.
  4. lone wolf item storage

      Luckily someone gets it. You can even retrieve you vehicle park it close and put it from the vehicle into the storage. Easy mode.
  5. lone wolf item storage

      Why RIP?
  6. lone wolf item storage

    We will make an announcement soon since storage form the vehicles in the lone wolf garage will be removed!
  7. Spawn on ground doesn't work

    Should be fixed now.
  8. Server "crash".

    We are aware but it is a weird bug that seems to hunt us and other communities every now and then. We are till trying to find a solution.
  9. I haven't been here in a while, but when me and some friends went to play the Takistan server, it was nowhere to be found. I realize it's been taken down, but why? Last we were there it was pretty populated. I assume it died over time, but theres' no harm in asking.

    1. Crunch™


      Yes it died, dont know why.... but we had to make the call. It was just costinf us money and time.

  10. Server Update! 11-06-2017

      I will test with a smaller setting.
  11. Server Update! 11-06-2017

    As Promised we have another weekend update for you. Yet again we have made some changes we hope you will enjoy! You can discuss the update in this topic!   Make sure you update your [EXO] Mod Pack! New Map Markers Because we want to set our server apart from the rest we have improved the server markers. Below you can see the new markers.     Vehicle Repair Kit Duct-tape is still in and can be used for recipes and such. But from now you will have to use a Vehicle Repair Kit. It is available in the traders and will also spawn in industrial area's.   Loading Messages As some already spotted Exile put is some nice loading messages. We decided to overwrite that function to support our own community messages. People can suggest messages in this topic!   VIP Vehicle Skins We have added a couple VIP Vehicle Skins for the Strider, Ifrit and Hunter. This is just a start and more skins for more vehicles will be coming in future updates!   Example skins:   Contaminated Zones We have made parts of the Island of Utes a contaminated zone to make it a bit harder and more exciting. We have altered the effect of the standard Exile effects. We removed the blur for example to keep it nice and playable. Off course you will need a gas-mask to enter the contaminated zones.   New Bridge to Utes Although the bridge from Skalisty to Utes was made as a choke-point it was to easy to camp the bridge. We have put in an extra bridge leading from the east of Elektrozavodsk to Utes, thanks to GibsandPieces for pointing this out to us.   Inventory Capacity Change We have changed all vehicle capacity to hold 3 times more items. We also have changed the capacity of the safes, wooden crates, supply crates and camo-tents.
  12. Update 3-6-2017

      We have used the functionality within Exile, when a player retrieves a vehicle it finds a safe location and teleports the player in the exact same way it would do when purchasing a vehicle. This Virtual Garage is newly written and works differently as the other Virtual Garage we are using.  
  13. Update 3-6-2017

      We will keep a cool-down on towns as well just to prevent the bambi killing and respect harvesting.
  14. Update 3-6-2017

      Yes it does for now. We will look into creating 2 seperate cool-down timers. 1 for territories and 1 for towns.
  15. Update 3-6-2017

      Everyone is able to store one vehicle.