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  1. Bugged cars.

    you did not use it while it was bugged so while it is annoying to someone trying to blow it up no reason to ban a player over it the bug happens we arent denying it and will fix when we can we have not banned anyone simply because it was bugged only once someone discovers its bugged and continue will we treat it as abusing the bug
  2. Bugged cars.

    simply put if you get hit with any rpg and your car is still %100 you should drive off and leave combat continue to use the car at that point is knowingly abusing the bug and you cant claim ignorance or 'its arma bug not my fault' or if the wheels are damaged for one member of team and not for you and you jump in or switch seats this is also abusing the bug both are what people are being banned for now. simply having a bugged vehicle will not get you banned unless you discover its bugged and continue to use it without either bringing it to admin attention or going to a safezone to try and fix it 
  3. Bugged cars.

    we do not ban simply because a player has a bugged car as there is no way to prove that this was done on purpose if after taking a shot that would destroy or disable a car and it is %100 and can drive off the cart is bugged and continuing to use this car to kill players is intentionally abusing a bug in the game if you suspect your car is bugged leave combat with it and fix it at the traders after noticing your car cant be blown up then turning headfirst into an enemy team and mowing them down this is not acceptable 
  4. Low Pop.

    the higher the pop i found the bug sinking problem is with lower pop times barely having it at all  as for the call out on warboner (again) this team has retaliated against a group who was retaliated against them who retaliated against them etc. It's not just Warboner the points you made were valid but this constant blame game is stupid if it isnt warboner its beef if it isnt beef its EZ if the members from these groups wanted anything other than a dick measuring contest they would sit down and talk about mybe putting old rivalries aside and help the new players it also didnt help with the launch being about the same time as schools etc going back stoping a core group from getting settled into the server