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  1. Low Pop.

    Alright you win. You are right.
  2. Low Pop.

    Rusty, what the fuck is your point?   *The server doesnt populate because its Esseker? *It should have been Tanoa? *They should make it PVE? *You have a right to stomp little guys on a empty server because it's digital shit?   Capped em!   And trust me no one is salty here. We just don't get the whole let's go full on base raid mentality on a low pop server.    
  3. Low Pop.

    It's because there is lots of stuff in that trader that the server is hiding when it boots. There was so much clutter there.   But that means that your vehicle was probably standing where there is a building normally.   They didn't think that would be a problem because leaving a vehicle in a safezone over restart is a big nono. (It unlocks and players are allowed to steal it.)
  4. Low Pop.

    I want to step in here with saying that BFC is selling this turd for many months now.(Esseker)   This is including the sinking bug and excluding the custom content/missions/scripts that exo runs.   And they are kicking ass running it as well(Nr3 Exile server) so dont really see your point rusty.
  5. lone wolf item storage

    Nah there is no boxtruck or stuff........
  6. lone wolf item storage

    Crap! Now I need to find a spot store my box truck full of stuff.
  7. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    I try not to call out other communities though.   But i am acctualy pretty surprised that no groups have the Black markets and rearm points on lock down. Not that I am trying to give people ideas but that was the #1 complaint about our group. If groups did to Blackmarkets/Rearm stations what the Warboners did to the Skalisty mission you might think different about a line of sight rule.      
  8. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    Rule:Can't have line of sight on a gas station from base. This would include the roof.   On the server I played on there was a entire plot pole dedicated for a wall that removed line of sight on a Gorka base.
  9. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    -Increasing the hack time to one hour seems like a nice way to balance out the icreased reward. Players still have the option to increase the security of certain safes by using base parts. +10 layers to grind would be my minimum before the change. Now players just have to cut down there base to add more protection. No more dummy safes or safes filled with dogfood.   -Rearm/repair stations. I remember one of the old scool servers having a line of sight rule for gas stations. Would not be a bad idea to implement now that you have to rearm there as well. Seems like the only rule dat doesnt force people to move there bases. They can just simply remove all windows that have line of sight.
  10. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    That's a problem that is easy to overcome. I already know 3 ways of abusing this system.
  11. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    Maybe a cool compromise would be that you could only spawn at base after dieing of natural causes?   So benefit of not having to buy another vehicle after dieing, combined with less chance of being abused.
  12. Major Update 28-05-2017!

      Keep the insults to sidechat. Making yourself look dumb on one medium is enough.   Not bitching because I will probably abuse this system myself. I am grateful for Cuddles work as well and told him so in person. Plus i check what's something is about before I actually post/comment. You should try it sometimes.  
  13. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    Did you just say i wrongfully assumed you guys are trying to make the server better?
  14. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    I am getting it perfectly fine.   If you would ask players if they want a remote controlled SAM launcher on there base they would say yes to.   This doesn't mean that giving players what they ask for leads to a better/fuller server.   But i made my point so I am done here.
  15. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    i get that the payout for raiding is now bigger. But having a base defense advantage is only one out of 5 arguments.   This script is created for the noobies that kept getting killed by there own bases. Because they thought building 14000m from the closest spawn was the smart thing to do. "wouldn't it be cool if you could spawn at base" Not really the type of player that realizes how this effects gameplay.   But okay you went with it and I am clearly missing something here. Just waiting to hear what it is.   Ps:The you spawn 250 from base is not really a argument. You just need a smart group to figure out how to abuse it.