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  1. Truck exploded in safe zone.

    No, just the situation; we need some kind of proof, I can't just give you 10 KSVKs with 100 APDS rounds because you tell me they were in the truck, you know?    If you're asking for compensation, and especially if it's not EXO's fault, you need proof. 
  2. Truck exploded in safe zone.

    Of course, it is strange, so please start recording these situations as they are very unusual.   
  3. Truck exploded in safe zone.

    Without video proof, I'm afraid, there is nothing I can do. Crates don't stay in the car over the restart, you have to store them or they'll get deleted.  If it was sold I could see what was inside, but not if it just blew up, which is also hard to believe. 
  4. wheels/no wheels

    Just have in mind that if you do it and an admin or someone records it and reports you, you will receive a 24hrs ban.  I understand the situation changes once the original driver is dead and the next guy can't repair the car because there is nothing wrong with it, so for your safety please record such situations because you will need some kind of proof.    I think we're done here, so I'll go ahead and lock the topic. Have fun boys! 
  5. wheels/no wheels

    The driver repairs it; the one that broke the wheels    
  6. wheels/no wheels

    This counts as abusing the glitch, just so you know. It will result in a 24hrs ban, if it's first offense, so be careful.    @TwitchGrootRageNot sure what you're trying with this post? Are you reporting a bug or a player for ramming you in the safe zone?