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  1. another glitch wall

    I logged out, a wall disappeared, I replaced it, now its inaccesible. I think it is because a part of it is sticking out of the base build radius.  So I moved the entire base a little to fit better inside the radius, however one unpainted wall piece remains that is obviously in front of the others, not part of the wall.  If someone could remove that I´d be grateful. and hopefuly this is the last time.  Lone Wolf Cabin. 
  2. glitched wooden wall

    So I built a wooden wall kinda through a pine tree, or right next to it, and now I can´t access it to paint it and it stands out like a sore thumb. I tried from different angles, crouch, prone, felling the tree, but all that did not help. Also it survived several server restarts by now.   Anything I can do about it?