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  1. Bugged cars.

    Ok. Its about discovered bug in fight. But what about abandoned bugged cars.? Video is now rendering, so i cant shows you this atm.  But i was in situation when i leave a stider then it takes damage and lost one wheel. Then I closed a car and leave it in the middle of a field. Noone comes to car, but after fight Kvazar said that is invulnerable. And it is untill a restart. And on my video above i killed 3 players in a Hunter and after their death Hunter repaired wheel by itself.
  2. Bugged cars.

    No. When our wheels get destroed we repairing car with a repair kit, but it is a blatant violation of the rules what i saw from players. Stop to evade an answer. I think this happens regardless of the car broken or not, when driver leaves a car and passenger takes driving to itself.
  3. Bugged cars.

    @Hedgehog Im playing alone, on my own car and its all fine, never had my own car bug. But when my mates going two or more in one car it comes bugged sometimes.
  4. Bugged cars.

    Im saying that all players independently and randomly come to this. And you dont want to check my videos, as i see.
  5. Bugged cars.

    @Crunch™  I agree. But there is two situation: when wheels got wrecked and passenger straddles the driver seat. And other ways we dont know. We just playing, driving cars and it bugging. But Wheels is fine and car dont takes any kind of damage, still only one driver. So how?   We really enjoy your project and skilled players here, but we dont want to be banned for shit which we dont understand...
  6. Bugged cars.

    @Rusty Ffs, im talking about problem, not about bans. You see what you want. This is a common examples and research on existing situations. Question still open. How that working or how to avoid it, are you know?
  7. Bugged cars.

    Probably. But as i said. I dont saw this problem on other Altis servers. Anyway, we all need to know how to prevent it.
  8. Bugged cars.

    Yeah. Earlier RPG doesnt destroy ifrits. But after some updates in Arma or Exile on 1.0.3 it does. Only one shot. Stride still need two and Hunter need 1 RPG rocket and 1 HE 40mm nade
  9. Bugged cars.

    So. A long-standing problem. And nothing changing... people still geting bans because of randomly bugged cars, BECAUSE of server's defect. Just once again want to tell you about it. There is two variants. 1) When players intentionally bugging cars with a passenger straddles the driver to insta-repair and this is a significant violation. 2) When it coming randomly or car becomes indestructible w/o driver or passengers inside. Stop ban people by random word in chat and will try to solve this crap. I dont saw similar problems on other servers. And another this timecode:  (Self-repair) With regard to yesterday BIG BAN ban. How that work? He repaired his strider, then come to trade for buy some stuff and we drove on for the fight. Was only 1 driver but car still bugged... Similar with a BEEF's car. Timecode: (Ifrit easily endure RPG shot. And we all know that this car can't do it, and there is no HE round to RPG-7) In my opinion. You must make a post how it working to prevent people doing it or avoid it. Because we dont undestand how your "Error" working. Im really tired of that.