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  1. Cant Join

    Seeing as esseker is being taken down I doubt it will ever get updated
  2. Bugged cars.

    what the fuck
  3. Bugged cars.

    Man I wonder if we're ever going to get a thread on the forums that doesn't have one group talking shit/blaming other groups for abusing/breaking rules
  4. Bugged cars.

    Well I mean I've never had it happen when I was playing with a group
  5. Bugged cars.

    I've never had the car bug happen to me accidentally, and I do have quite a bit of hours on exo
  6. Bugged cars.

    From own experience on KOTH, the RPG-7 doesn't actually destroy ifrits/striders in 1 shot, but they do take out the wheels. Only alamuts destroy vehicles in 1 hit.   And from what I know the vehicle bug is an exile bug (??)
  7. Low Pop.

    The superior server of course
  8. Low Pop.

    TBH, all there is to do is shoot players, this server isn't really a carebear server
  9. Low Pop.

    exile is all PvP
  10. Low Pop.

  11. Low Pop.

    It did have awful FPS compared to chernarus though
  12. Low Pop.

    That sometimes happen if you park it very close to another object during a restart
  13. Low Pop.

    There's a reason Tanoa on EXO died
  14. Truck exploded in safe zone.

    Just have shadowplay running and set it to record the last 10 minutes, that's what I did and it worked wonders
  15. Cherno Bugs + Updates

    RIP my sweet juicy KD