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  1. No message received

    I'll pass this on to @Crunch™ to look into 
  2. Takistan

    Back up and running sorry for the delay it is christmas nearly after all
  3. unfortunately server is currently locked out (23:57gmt) so either wait 2 more hours for the restart or crunch will have to manually restart the server in the morning apologises for all of you that wanted to play tonight but my hands are tied   
  4. no one is forcing you to stay up btw dude you can go bed when ever you want, But crunch is looking into it, we have had no error messages to indicate the server has crashed. So in turn that means crunch has to study the code to pinpoint whats causing the issues. whilst patience must be of a premium for you i'd hope that you might be able to find some from some where whilst we try to rectify the problem !
  5. Server Issues?

    It's being looked into chaps just be patient