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  1. wheels/no wheels

    driver was dead and i jumped in the seat. i DID try to repair it but the vehicle said it didnt need repairing. honestly didnt know anything was wrong until they said something in chat. 24h ban me if need be  i just hope that fix comes for it! 
  2. wheels/no wheels

    And because he thought he deserved the mission rewards, and was salty about getting killed then coming back a couple times he decided to ram us and run us over in trader, attemtped to get in the vehicle to control the crate system multiple times.. just salt. BUT the server-side sync might have caused the issue in the first place.               
  3. wheels/no wheels

    during a firefight fisherman and ercan didnt see wheels on my vehicle, i saw wheels and was able to drive fine. not sure where the server wasnt lining up.