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  1. Major Update 28-05-2017!

    you cant really get a monopoly on those things though, sure, they might camp their bases at each rearm station, but they will be spread out, kill 1 of them in their base, and you've practically secured a black market or rearm station for a few minutes, plenty of time to get your shit done and get out   the skalisty mission is the same, even though they might have a "monopoly" on bridge access (when theyre online and in their bases), theres plenty of ways of getting the stuff out, especially now that you can load the crates into your helicopters or even move it from a vehicle into a boat if you'd choose to do so..     besides, all the groups on the server hate eachother for no particular reason.. give us a reason to hate 1 group more then the others, like them having a base on every rearm station or black market, and we'll probably be able to set our differences aside and get rid of them real quick, so we can get back to shittalking eachother on sidechat again    
  2. Update 3-6-2017

      what exactly are we argueing for then? if you dont want to stay in the knocked out screen to give your teammates more info, then what reason is there to stay? because you want to talk to them? what if i dont want to hear whatever you have to say, theres no mute option for me apart from going into the playerlist and muting you specifically, or muting direct chat entirely..   you want to stay knocked out because you have a teammate nearby that could revive you? then why didnt he kill the person stuck in an animation reviving you? probably because he is in no position to revive in the first place.. so that doesnt make any sense either..   what other reason is there? cause i dont see one.. just click respawn and move on, no reason to stay dead for 2 mins..
  3. Cherno Bugs + Updates

    not 100% sure on the exact specifics since it happened last night and i cant doublecheck my statements right now, but i picked up a black mk48 mod (the LMG) that spawned with zafir ammo, which for some reason fit into the gun, after going to the trader though, i realized the ammo that fit in it could not be sold to the trader, and the zafir ammo that i could buy from the trader did not fit into the mk48, when filtering the traders ammo to just ammo that fits the gun though, it showed an entirely different type of ammo (not sure what ammo it was, looked like/couldve been m240 belts)..   not really a major issue of any sorts, since in the end the weapon does spawn with usable ammo on it, but i thought it was unusual since that doesnt seem to be the correct type of ammo i would expect for that gun.   if you need the specifics of the weapon/ammo type, my currently alive character should still have the weapon and 2 of the unusual belts for it.