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Exile Servers Monetization Bohemia Interactive Monetization

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EXO prides itself on being a community where the members are at the heart of everything we do. Without the amazing support and continued dedication of our team and our players we would not remain online. Donating is a great way to help maintain the community we all love. The EXO community is established as a non-profitable organization and we will continue to maintain that status for as long as we are around.

We are extremely grateful to all those who choose to donate no matter how small or large the amount. It all helps!
What are donations spent on?:


  • Dedicated Server(s) at OVH
  • A Virtual Private Server at OVH
  • Development of new scripts for Exile Mod
  • Website Development & Maintenance
  • Domain & Website Hosting


Terms & Conditions:

  • A donation is a voluntary contribution and therefore cannot be refunded.
  • Disputing a donation will result in a server ban until the dispute has been resolved.
  • Donating provides no exemption from our community rules. All rules are enforced equally.
  • All donations go towards funding and improving our server(s) and other community features.

Thanks for your support!

@Crunch™, @Captain Cuddles and the rest of the EXO Team

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For the people who want to make a donation but expect something in return we have come up with some products that we call sell in

our Online Store. All the products are within the rules that are set by Bohemia Interactive for monetizing Arma 3.


We are listed and recognized as an officially approved Bohemia Interactive community for Monetization.
Monetization allows us to, in accordance to Bohemia’s monetization policy guidelines, offer in-game rewards* for donors to use and enjoy.


The products that are approved by Bohemia Interactive are:

Bohemia is also informed about: Reset Stats and our Raffle Tickets, since these products are not affecting the game-servers we did not need their approval.


If you have any questions about our monetization license, please contact @Crunch™ or @Captain Cuddles.

You can find us on the Approved Server Monetizers list!


* We will never reward donors with pop-tabs, respect or any other in-game items that provide an advantage over non-donors. 


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