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TeamSpeak Rules TeamSpeak Rules

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  • No harassing, trolling or acting disrespectful towards any community member or staff alike.
  • Behave and act in a normal polite fashion. A ban from the TS server can also result in an in-game ban.
  • If you are in need of support please join an empty waiting room following the order of the channel's given, and wait or poke a staff member following the chain of command.
  • Voice changers inside administrative channels is not allowed.
  • Please refrain from recording inside any administrative channels without the staff consent.
  • Music bots deployed outside of music channels is not allowed.
  • Unless the action is happening, proof should always be given in support cases whether it’s a player report or a compensation matter.



  • Clans can have their own channel on our TeamSpeak server, if you need one wait in the appropriate waiting room.
  • With you Clan Channel you are only allowed to have 4 Permanent + 3 Temporary* Sub-channels.
  • AFK Channels are not allowed.
  • Exceeding 4 Channels means removal of the Clan Channel!
  • It is your responsibility to enforce any rules you set for your Clan Channel.
  • Confirm with our Developers if you have any questions.



This document does not cover all applicable rules of the EXO-Servers TeamSpeak 3 server and is updated consistently and without warning. Staff members are entitled to use their own judgment when dealing with various situations and their decisions must be respected at all times. EXO-Servers and the current team members also reserve the right to kick or ban a user at anytime if they are found in breach of any of the above rules.

*  Temporary channels will auto delete 5 minutes after the last user leaves. 

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